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Welcome to the Smarter Uniforms Marketplace

​​During Autumn 2022 Smarter Uniforms will be moving to a fully online marketplace. There were many things that led us to this decision in the end and we’re happy that all of these factors align with our vision of providing second hand school uniforms which are of the best quality and price, to help save parent’s money and the planet's resources.
We are happy to have worked with numerous schools across Brighton and Hove and to have formed a community of parents, students and staff who share our vision and mission. Our small, but hard-working, team has covered many of our functions such as collecting donations, sorting through them and taking stock and sorting orders for delivery.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different forms and fashions and us here at Smarter Uniforms are no exception. Despite the obstacles put in front of us as a result of the pandemic and others which we face in expansion, we are still seeking to facilitate the provision of second hand school uniforms to as many parents as possible. As a result of this pandemic and the loss of our parent volunteer community, we had to review our options for moving forward and concluded that it would be best to transition to an online parent to parent marketplace.
Our transition to this online marketplace has become almost a necessity as we have had great growth and outreach from schools and parents and as an organisation have decided that the best way to facilitate the demand is through this marketplace. So what is the Smarter Uniforms Marketplace? It is an online marketplace where parents will be able to buy and sell their second-hand uniforms from and to each other, at the same discounted prices we offer, and for the same special cause we hope to achieve. Additionally, this marketplace will be home to forums such as message boards to help keep our community connected and in contact so that we all can coordinate special sale days or pop-ups plus much much more. 
We hope that this marketplace can help meet the needs of our community while also helping it to grow and look forward to your support. Together we can help keep school uniforms more affordable and sustainable for all involved and for the environment around us.
Written by
Jesse Deane Smith

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