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About Smarter Uniforms

Brighton & Hove's innovative school-uniform reuse project. Together, we save parents money, protect our planet's precious resources for our children's future, and fundraise for schools.

Why choose Smarter Uniforms?

It makes both financial and environmental sense to reuse uniforms. Clothes that are used for just nine months longer save valuable resources and money for parents. We believe services from Smarter Uniforms are now needed more than ever. We want to do our best to ensure dressing your children for school isn’t another strain on your pocket. We have 1000's of uniforms to sell at a fraction of the price of new and we want to do our best to get those out to as many families as possible across Brighton & Hove.

Making Uniforms More Affordable

The average parent spends £230 per child on school uniform including sports kit per year. This can be expensive, especially if they have more than one child. Parents who want to source second-hand uniform know how difficult it is to find good quality items, especially at short notice after a rapid growth spurt.

“Great selection of uniforms at a brilliant price. Good to know it's helping the school and saving the planet too!” - Parent of a Cardinal Newman Catholic School student 

A second-hand school uniform from Smarter Uniforms is approx. 75% cheaper than brand new, with prices from just £0.50, across a wide range of both branded and unbranded items. Parents that shop from Smarter Uniforms save money and can enjoy healthier family finances. 

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Protect our planet's resources

We hate waste and love helping avoid it!

In the UK, £140 million of clothing is wasted and sent to landfill each year. That's 300,000 tonnes of clothes, many of which still have a lot of life in them.  By buying second-hand uniform parents and carers can help save water and carbon, stop uniforms being wasted, and stop items being sent to landfill.  

“Extending the life of clothes offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and waste targets. This can be achieved by designing clothes to be more durable, and by encouraging re-use through sales of second-hand clothing.” SOURCE: Valuing Our Clothes: the Cost of UK Fashion Report, WRAP 2017. 

Sign up your school or organisation to work with Smarter Uniforms so that together we can save even more water and carbon, prevent waste and save parents money. 

Help our local schools

Smarter Uniforms has fundraised more than £5,000 for local schools with profits from uniform sales. Partner schools also get help to run events and to educate students about clothing reuse benefits, with educational workshops about sustainability and textile supply chains.

Know a school that could get involved? Find out more or get in touch.

Some amazing impacts

Thanks to school partners, volunteers and many helpful organisations across the city.

Smarter Uniforms have:

• Saved parents over £40,000

• Saved more than 5,000 uniforms from landfill

• Raised £5,000 for local schools

Thank you

These amazing impacts are thanks to the wide community of parents and partners, alongside the Smarter Uniforms team. Every donation, purchase, partnership and volunteer helps to make school uniforms affordable for families and benefits our environment. Thank you all.

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