Partnership Summary

Smarter Uniforms aims to provide every school across Brighton and Hove with a low-cost school uniform reuse service

Anyone can shop online or at locations across the city for a wide range of low-cost, pre-loved school uniform items.

Currently Smarter Uniforms partners with eight schools in Brighton & Hove. All partner schools are expected to make parents and students aware of the reuse programme and the benefits for families, the environment and our community.

To help busy schools achieve our mutual aims, the school partnership package includes:

• Free collection boxes for uniform donations
• Communications packages for parents to explain uniform reuse benefits and to inspire participation
• Events support to run at-school events for uniform donations, sales and education
• Educational workshops and resources about sustainability and textile supply chains (suitable for students or teachers)
• Fundraised income from the profits of uniform resales

Did you know?
Since starting in 2017 Smarter Uniforms has raised over £2,500 for our partner schools and diverted tonnes of waste from landfill. Check out some more amazing impacts.

Know a school that could become a partner?

Please get in touch to find out more and apply.

Changes to School Uniform Policy

Smarter Uniforms has also identified a number of areas where uniform policy can be changed to prevent good quality uniforms from going to waste. Schools looking to make changes to their uniform policy are invited to get in touch, so we can share our experiences and help ensure that any changes do not create more waste or a higher financial burden on families.