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Partnerships make Smarter Uniforms possible

Aside from uniform donations (for free uniforms) and purchases, there are many other essential needs - such as shop premises for uniform order collections, storage, transport, communications, events and funding. As a volunteer-led organisation that donates revenue from sales to partner schools, we’re a lean team reliant on partnerships to succeed.

Thank you so much to all our partners and tireless teams of talented volunteers!


Back in 2017 inspired by the cities One Planet Living initiative, Brighton & Hove Fair Trade Steering Group launched this project with the vision that sustainability can address increasing levels of waste and financial hardship in the community. Find out more about our mission and impacts.

Since then many other generous partners have got involved with invaluable help and support. Big thanks and shout outs to partners such as Brighton & Hove City Council, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, Zedify, Brighton Open Market, Green Centre Recycling, Pelican Parcels, Enjoolata Foundation, Sussex Community Foundation, SPiN, The Trust for Developing Communities, East Brighton Food Coop and many more.

These partners and community organisations are committed to achieving our shared goals of helping family finances and protecting the environment through school uniform reuse. It’s a simple yet effective circular economy model that has real potential to scale up, both locally and nationally.


Each partner school has supported the development of Smarter Uniforms and actively promoted the service to school communities of parents, carers, children and teachers. Thank you to everyone that has contributed.

With the new parent to parent online marketplace we are now delighted to be able to support all schools across Brighton & Hove.


With poverty rates rising across the UK, some families need extra help to get school uniforms.

That’s why Smarter Uniforms partners with local community organisations to provide free uniforms for families in-need. 

To apply to be a community organisation partner there is a simple application process to check eligibility and all referrals must go through one of the partner organisations. Social workers and schools may also refer families to us.

Note - stock is subject to availability but we will help wherever possible, discretely and efficiently.


There are lots of opportunities for individuals and organisations to help grow the scheme and it's positive impacts. We're actively seeking new partners and volunteers to help expand our communications, distribution, sorting, storage and retail activities.

Find out how to get involved now.