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Become an Ambassador for your school

We are now looking for a school staff member, governor, or parent/guardian in the PTA to become an ambassador for their school on behalf of Smarter Uniforms. This way, we can reach more schools across the city to help as many families as we can. In order to achieve this, we need an ambassador for each school that we are partnered with. We are currently only partnered with 8 schools, but we hope to increase this to every school in the city - with your help! 

An ambassador can help us by encouraging parent volunteers to join us (which has worked very well in some schools), or by spreading the word to the school community about the initiative, involving us at school events where appropriate.

The more support we have from your school, the more we can fundraise for your school and keep textile waste to a minimum! So far, we have raised almost £4000 for local schools! You can help to give back to your school community by – helping to: raise awareness; raise funds and reduce carbon emissions.


Why become an ambassador?
1. Raise Awareness – help make parents/guardians aware that school uniform doesn’t have to cost the earth (both literally and metaphorically)!
2. Help Brighton and Hove become more circular – help reduce carbon emissions and textile waste in our city to develop this project on a wider scale.
3. Help to raise much-needed funds – through revenue generated from uniform sales going back to our partner schools
4. Give back to the community – our initiative also offers a vital free school uniform service to families in need of financial support


What does it involve? 

We understand parents, guardians and teachers are busy people, which is why we are only asking for as much time as you can give, but the more help we get from parents and volunteers, the more uniform we can save from landfill and very importantly the more funds we can raise for your school! Here are some examples of the tasks we could need help with:

  • Promoting our initiative in the playground and on WhatsApp and Facebook groups.
  • Encouraging parents to donate uniform rather than throwing it away.
  • Designating a monitor for full recycling donation boxes in schools. 
  • Recruiting parents or students to helping with Pop-up shops in schools
  • Seeking parent volunteers to sort through donations.


How do I become an ambassador for a particular school? 

Email us at with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Email address 
  3. Phone number
  4. Name of school you would like to be an ambassador for
  5. Relationship to school (e.g. parent, teacher etc)


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!