Who We Are

We are a hardworking and friendly team passionate about delivering a great service to families across the city in the most sustainable way that we can!

Siobhan Wilson: Founder

As a mother passionate about sustainability but unable to find a second-hand uniform, starting a reliable and straightforward reuse scheme for school uniforms meant they would be available year-round for parents - as and when needed. Smarter Uniforms encompasses all the values that sustainability can contribute to communities, especially as children grow so quickly- and grow out of their uniforms! By rethinking business as usual and preventing costly, unnecessary textile waste, we are fundraising for schools, saving parents money and protecting valuable resources.

Siobhan Wilson

Lisa Creagh: Director

I see my role as one of inspiration and fostering a sense of direction for the growing organisation. As a mother of a seven year old girl, I understand the pressures for parents to buy uniforms each year. As an activist, I appreciate the destructive waste that this system of purchasing creates. It is my great hope that the Smarter Uniforms model grows to become a national norm. I intend to use my business and marketing skills to help create this new reality.

Lisa Creagh

Carol Rose: Director

I’m excited to be involved in this organic initiative. It’s a breath of fresh air from the corporate big company stuff. The initiative goes hand in hand with my sentiments of; firstly caring for our communities and reducing textile waste. Facilitating a platform to get pre-loved school uniforms to parents and pupils makes perfect sense.

Carol Rose

Rozzy Henderson: Projects

Protecting our ecosystems and exploring the ways in which political and cultural practices impact our environment is at the driving force of everything that I do. I am a firm believer that community-led organisations, such as Smarter Uniforms, are at the heart of sustainable improvement. Both of these reasons are why I love working with an inspirational team, where each individual cares deeply about inclusivity and social and environmental justice.

Cassia Weaver: Business Development

I love how a simple concept can have such great impact, on global waste, environmental education, and family finances. Smarter Uniforms is a great project to be a part of because we're redefining resource-use and cultivating a community that lives more sustainably. It's inspirational!

Cassia Weaver

Satya Ramkissun: Volunteer Co-ordinator

I work at Smarter Uniforms because I believe in the values and ethos of reusing textiles and providing good quality second-hand uniform to those that need it! I started as a volunteer in 2018 and love working in our enthusiastic team who care about the environment and the impact our textile industry is having on our planet! This job has allowed me to gain confidence in meeting new people and learn new things about sustainability! :)

Anne Amner: Parent Volunteer

I am delighted to be the parental link between Smarter Uniforms and Cardinal Newman Catholic School, enabling parents to have the option to recycle and buy used uniform and raising vital funds for the school.

Anne Amner

Georgia Bird: E-commerce and Transport

After writing my university dissertation on the harms caused by the fast fashion industry, I knew I wanted to do something to help in the fight against fast fashion. Being part of the Smarter Uniforms team has allowed me to do just that, whilst simultaneously helping parents provide their children with cheaper uniform and educate the younger generation on the importance of mindful consumption.

Mia Martin: Social Media

I volunteer with Smarter Uniforms as I care about the impact textile waste has on the environment. Volunteering here is not only a learning experience, it’s a way to meet new people, connect with our community and has given me the opportunity to gain skills in areas of my interest.

Nody Ruiz: Volunteer

I chose to volunteer in Smarter Uniforms for several reasons, such as the opportunity to participate in the development of projects that help improve the life of my community, develop my English skills, improve my career prospects, build confidence and meet new people. It's got everything!

Suthada Watson: Volunteer

It's amazing to volunteer at Smarter Uniforms, the people are nice and I can learn a lot and am proud to share many ideas to create a sustainable community.