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Sometimes your clothes can be a little too far gone to be passed on to others or they need a little repair. This is the best time to upcycle your pieces, fixing them to be worn longer or completely changing them into something new.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for upcycling ideas for people with all different levels of skills. Turning your old pieces into something new is such a fun project to get everyone in the family involved with! You could paint, add patches, cut the sleeves or create a whole new piece of clothing to keep wearing or to pass it on to someone new.

How to Repair Your School Uniforms & Keep Them Lasting Longer

Hems fray, buttons fly off and little holes appear on our clothing all the time. Instead of replacing with new pieces, sometimes an easy mend is everything you need to bring your clothes back to life!

Check out our tutorials below on how to sew a button and fix a torn hem. Why not get the kids involved too? These are amazing skills to get started with mending, upcycling and even making your own clothes.

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how to fix a hem infographics
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