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How to Donate Your Uniforms

Smarter Uniforms no longer operates on a donation-based model which means we do not accept donations directly. However, there are other ways you can pass on the pieces you’d like to donate.

Check-in with Your School

Check in with your school and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to see whether they are currently accepting uniform donations. Some schools run uniform sales where parents can also donate their unwanted items. Ask at your school and your PTA if they are in need of any donations.

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Donate to Our Local Community Rails

The Community Rail hosts, listed above, might be able to take in certain types of uniform donations.

If you would like to donate your uniforms to our Community Rails please ensure you check in with the host to find out if they are accepting donations and what they might need before you drop anything off. Community Centres are often run by small teams and volunteers so we want to ensure they do not get overwhelmed with large amounts of donations.

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Pelican Parcels

Pelican Parcels is a wonderful charity in Brighton & Hove that takes in donations of children’s clothing (including non-branded uniform items) and shoes, plus a range of other essential children’s items for ages 0 – 12 years. They gift them to families facing financial hardship via other family services in our Brighton & Hove community.

Pelican Parcels runs frequent donation days throughout the year so keep an eye on their website to find out more.

Learn more about donating with Pelican Parcels here

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Sal's Shoes

Sal’s Shoes began in 2013 to extend the life of kid’s shoes. We all know children tend to outgrow their shoes much faster than they usually wear them out. Sal’s Shoes is a great place to donate all those pairs of shoes that no longer fit but have so much life left. Since 2013 Sal’s shoes have found new little feet for over 5,000,000 pairs of shoes in over 61 countries, including the UK.

Donate your outgrown children’s shoes via Sal’s shoes here

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You can list anything you want to donate on Freegle and arrange a local pick-up. It’s a great way to share the pieces you no longer need or want with those who need them in your community.

Learn more about Freegle here.

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Facebook Groups

On this page fantastic Facebook group, you can buy, swap and sell school uniforms from every local school in Brighton & Hove.

Brighton and Hove - Buy, Swap, sell school uniform